Hotels with bars that light up your special days

Some of the most spectacular hotels near kolkata airport with full bar you’ll ever see may be located in Kolkata, a city that enchants with its rich legacy and culture. These locations have you covered, whether you want to raise a glass to success or dance your heart out at a wedding. Prepare to explore the perfect blend of history and modernity as we take you on a tour of hotel that make the best cocktails near Kolkata Airport. Each site has its own particular ambiance, ready to transform your meetings into precious memories, ranging from retro to modern allure.

Ethnotel – A Three Star Hotel, a Raha Hospitality Pvt. Ltd. unit, invites you to a world of elegance, luxury, and relaxation, only five minutes from Kolkata’s Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International airport. One of the best hotels near the airport in Kolkata provides elegance and a variety of amenities, including a stocked bar full of beverages of your choosing to help you unwind after a hard day. So come and enjoy both oriental warmth and western elegance at a reasonable price.

Airport city hotel – If you want to visit the ‘city of pleasure’, there is a lot to enjoy and discover, from great Bengali food to world heritage sites in and around the city. The bar should be chosen properly since it is a location where one can relax and spend quality time with themselves or with others.Airport city hotel is one of the hotels near Kolkata airport with full bar. ‘Drops’ is the ideal spot to enjoy your favourite beverages, whether they’re inventive cocktails or foreign scotches. This bar offers a good selection of wines, worldwide and local beers, fresh juices, energy drinks and everything else. There are also a variety of nibbles and starters to enjoy while drinking.

Hotel O2 Vip – Modern rooms and suites with free Wi-Fi are available at Hotel O2 VIP. The hotel offers two dining options, free private parking, and a 24-hour reception. Venezia Restaurant/Bar specialises in Chinese, Indian, and Continental food as well as custom drinks, appetisers and snacks.

Celesta A well-stocked lounge bar close to the airport in Kolkata. Celesta provides a range of cuisines in their on-site restaurant to suit a wide range of tastes. Whether you’re in the mood for regional specialties or world cuisine, the chefs promise a delicious dinner every time. Furthermore, Celesta’s amazing beverage selection at the well-stocked bar is ideal for relaxing down after a hard day. Celesta invites you to Indulge in finger-licking food, unique and best cocktails near Kolkata airport and also lively music playlists at their bar! The hours that the bar is open are 11:00 AM to 11:30 PM. Some of the highlights in the menu being:

  • Mocktails that sizzle
  • Flavorful appetizers
  • Bollywood and Western chart-topping music
  • Aperitifs & bitters for your mood
  • Domestic & imported Scotch/Irish/American whiskey
  • Ice-cold vodka and gin
  • Alco-pops to find your groove
  • Delicious main courses & side-platters
  • Lounge in style
  • Super Duper happy hours