Rising to prominence as a medical tourism hub, Kolkata draws patients from the other South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) countries. With its blend of cost-effective treatments, skilled medical professionals, and advanced healthcare infrastructure, the City of Joy offers a compelling destination for individuals seeking long-term stays near VIP Road while touring the city for medical purposes. 

Why choose Kolkata for Medical Tourism?

The cost-effectiveness of medical services available at Kolkata hospitals is one of the key factors that drive medical tourists to the city. Compared to many Western countries, medical procedures in Kolkata are significantly more affordable without any compromise in the quality of medical treatment. This affordability factor makes Kolkata a lucrative option for patients from SAARC nations where healthcare costs are prohibitive.

Furthermore, Kolkata is home to a long array of uber-talented medical specialists who are well-known for their proficiency in disparate medical disciplines. No matter how severe a patient’s medical condition, Kolkata’s healthcare specialists can ensure world-class treatment outcomes for them because to their training in the newest medical developments and methods, which range from orthopedic treatments to heart surgery. This knowledge greatly boosts the confidence of medical tourists looking for specialist care.

In addition to the above, Kolkata also has a well-developed healthcare system, with contemporary clinics and hospitals that have state-of-the-art furnishings and cutting-edge technology to provide treatment even in the most dire circumstances. Patients in SAARC nations have access to cutting-edge diagnostic equipment, less invasive procedures, and full medical treatment, all in a welcoming medical setting.

Challenges you might face on your Medical Tour

It must be noted that medical tourists and healthcare workers encounter several challenges that impact the diagnostic service available. Communication barriers resulting from language difficulties may affect the quality of care and patient experience for both patients and medical staff alike. Since cultural differences may also affect patients’ expectations and treatment decisions, healthcare professionals must use culturally aware practices.

Moreover, the medical tourism industry continues to depend heavily on quality assurance. Patients from SAARC countries may have concerns regarding the standardization of healthcare procedures and the certification of medical institutions in Kolkata. To ensure patient safety and satisfaction, addressing these issues calls for strong regulatory frameworks and adherence to international quality standards.

Nevertheless, a growing number of patients from SAARC countries are traveling back to India for care from private hospitals in Kolkata, which mostly depend on these tourists for revenue. Foot traffic had dropped a few years ago because to COVID restrictions, but it has since sharply recovered to pre-pandemic levels.  

Kolkata has become a popular medical tourism destination due to price-conscious patients from lower- and middle-income countries such as Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Nepal, Myanmar, Bhutan, Pakistan, and Nigeria. These countries supply a significant amount of Kolkata’s and all of India’s medical tourism requirements. 

Celesta, a reliable hotel in Baguihati Kolkata

The Celesta Hotel provides long-term, reasonably priced, three-star lodging options to meet the demands of medical tourists and the family members traveling with them. The Celesta Hotel is easily accessible via the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose Airport, and train services because to its location on VIP Road. Patients receiving treatment may easily connect thanks to the convenient location of the Celesta Hotel, which reduces travel difficulties and frees them up to concentrate on their recuperation. 

In addition, the hotel’s cozy rooms and facilities provide a helpful setting for visiting patients and their families in Kolkata. Despite ongoing issues with language and quality control, programs like the Celesta Hotel’s extended-stay accommodations help to improve Kolkata’s medical tourism experience overall and solidify the city’s standing as a top option for foreign patients looking for top quality healthcare services in India.

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